Summer and Fall Clinics 

Books, DVDs and webinars are great ways to learn, but nothing beats learning from Sharon in person!

Learning Horse Speak is like learning any language – you start by learning a few words and phrases, have simple conversations, and keep adding layers as a whole new world of understanding opens up.  

We hope to meet you this season to help you build your fluency in Horse Speak and close “the Gap” with the horses in your life!   We have a clinic for every stage of your Horse Speak journey. See the complete Event Calendar for upcoming clinics and events.

The Fundamentals of Horse Speak – an Online Course

Horse Speak is built upon what is important to horses.  This course will teach you what matters to horses and will help you begin to experience the world as horses do.     You will learn why those things are important and how to interact with horses in a way that honors and respects what horses value.   This knowledge will enhance every interaction you have with horses, and guide you in building a deep rapport with the horses in your life.

This six lecture course will deepen your understanding of many of the topics covered in Sharon Wilsie’s book Horse Speak, the Equine-Human Translation Guide. Register Now

A very special clinic – Horse Speak Immersion and Retreat

Mountain Horse Farm, Naples, NY, Sept 9-13, 2019

A beautiful, intimate setting perfect for relaxing and learning! Includes 3 full days of instruction, a private session with Sharon, shared meals with the clinic participants, Sharon and Laura, plus evening programs. A great opportunity for hands on learning and getting to know Sharon.    Our clinics at Mountain Horse Farm have been fabulous – great food, a beautiful setting and cows who like hugging – we’d love to share the experience with you this year!

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What is Horse Speak?

Horse SpeakTM is a practical system for “listening” and “talking” to horses in their language, instead of expecting them to comprehend ours.  It promises improved understanding of what a horse is telling you and provides simple replies you can use to tell him that you “hear” him, you “get it,” and you have ideas you want to share with him, too.

Who should learn Horse Speak?

  • Recreational Horse Enthusiasts
  • Therapeutic Programs
  • Students of Equine Studies
  • Industry Professionals

Why Learn Horse Speak?

  • So you can give your horse what he needs to be the partner that you need
  • To deepen your understanding of equine communication
  • To build rapport and enhance relationships with horses
  • To learn diagnostic tools for equine well-being
  • To improve your self-awareness to influence the horse positively
  • To create calmer and safer horse interactions